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Did a late night request draw because I had too many feels to sleep. This is what happened. WHEEEEEE!!

A lil subtle shipping and a little not as subtle kitty and dragonkitty. NO the dragonkitty and kitty are not shipped. dont be weird internet. *asks the impossible.*

and a mad hitler’s tea party. Probably mad cause everyone is late. and he’s SURE he sent out the invitations. Meddling Cheshire might know something but where is he?!


30 day improve your draws


so i looked around for something like this but all the ones i found were like HEH SUCK YOUR OWN DICK DRAW YOUR OWN BORING OCS FOR 30 DAYS DRAW HOMESTUCK FOR 30 DAYS DRAW YOUR OWN BORING OCS AS HOMESTUCK FOR 30 DAYS etc which w/e is fun buddy but i don’t find that shit helpful so i made my own that i can do. these are meant to not be super heavy time investments since i have a full time job and i need something i can spend like 2 hours tops on anyway here

DAY 1. paint a BG

DAY 2. draw a figure in perspective

DAY 3. STILL-LIFE DAY don’t go crazy but you know, challenge yourself maybe do something a bit more complicated then a rubber ball in direct sunlight

DAY 4. draw a animal you’ve never drawn before

DAY 5. paint a picture using a limited palette, you can get those anywhere but here are some sites

DAY 6. draw a figure in: 1 hour, 30 min, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds

DAY 7. put your ipod on shuffle and play the first song it gives you. illustrate that song. if you have a zune get the fuck off my blog you heretic


DAY 9. draw the same picture 3 times with 3 different compositions

DAY 10. STYLE DAY 1 - pick a artist with a unique style and emulate it!

DAY 11. STYLE DAY 2 - pick a artist with a unique style and emulate it!

DAY 12. STYLE DAY 3 - pick a artist with a unique style and emulate it!

DAY 13. watch a movie or episode of a show that you find visually appealing. while watching draw thumbnails of shots that catch your eye and try to articulate why it’s visually appealing/why it works

DAY 14. paint another BG but it has to be different than the one you did  DAY 1 SO if you painted a outdoors scene, do a interior if you painted a tree try some water w/e

DAY 15. do a lineart, then swap with a friend who also did a lineart and color each other’s pictures. if you don’t have friends then make some ok

DAY 16. paint a portrait of your favorite celebrity (mine is adrian brody!!)

DAY 17. do another limited palette picture b/cuz they’re easy and fun but this time after you’re done INVERT THE PALETTE (CTRL + I in photoshop) AND PAINT A DIFFERENT PICTURE whoa

DAY 18. close your eyes and draw 3 random shapes with your non-dominant hand, then turn those shapes into legit draws

DAY 19. MAGICAL GIRL DAY FUCK ok go to here and draw the first 3 you get. i guess you could use any of the other generators but why would you want to?

DAY 20. pick a body part you have trouble with, find a bunch of photo references (or use yourself/a friend that you should have made by now) and fill up a whole page/canvas with studies


DAY 22. random.org 1-648 3x. gijinka the corresponding pokemon no cheating yes metapod is 9 kinds of lame but do it anyway this is about growth i’m already trying to make it fun quit bitching. if you don’t like pokemon go to wikipedia and hit “random page” until you get 3 animals and gijinka them.

DAY 23. draw the keyframes of a walk cycle

DAY 24. this is a project i did in my intro to drawing for non-majors class (aka confused business majors who need a fine arts gen ed and couldn’t get into ceramics). pick a ancient culture that you’re interested in (aka not contemporary japan you giant child) and find a sculpture or piece of art (3D works best) that really speaks to your heart or some shit. render it as realistically as possible. this may seem odd but it was a weirdly engaging project for me except you have it easy b/cuz i had to recreate it on a 4ft x 8ft canvas in ink and, while engaged, i also wanted to fucking die the entire time (almost 2 weeks) so that’s the feeling you should be aiming for here

DAY 25. YOU’RE GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY DAY! find the oldest picture you have and redraw it for a quick and dirty self-esteem boost

DAY 26. have a friend draw you 3 very rough gestures and then you finish them. if you still don’t have friends you have bigger problems than needing to work on your art i gave you 10 days to find a buddy which is pretty generous i think

DAY 27. pick 3 basic geometric shapes, design 3 characters utilizing those shapes

DAY 28. find a book, open to a random page and draw the 2nd sentence

DAY 29. pick a character (whatever) and draw them happy, sad and angry. be consistent and push the expressions/pose

DAY 30. real talk nobody ever makes it to day 30 i could pretty much say anything here and it wouldn’t matter at all. i’m making this day about me, this is my day, national johre day. draw yourself god tier while listening to really cool music. pretend you are really a god wearing cool pajamas and have amazing powers and are not actually a disenchanted alcoholic woman lost in the financial abyss of post-university life christ almighty help me 

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HEY LADIES! And blokes…


I am just shy of my rent and need to make 50$ or more before the first. If anyone out there needs character sketches, realistic portrait art, fan art, presents for others, silly animals, new desktop backgrounds, or anything else for low low prices, Please let me know.This is digital format and you will get a high res, high quality version.

Small simple B&W are 10

Small complex B&W are 15

Large simple B&W are 15

Large complex B&W are 25

Small simple color are 15

Small complex color are 20

Large simple color are 25

Large or super complex small color commissions are 35

Realistic portrait (one person, one color background) is 40

Realistic portrait (one person, full background) is 50

If you want more than one person add 25 per person.

My paypal email is gourmetgamergirl(at)hotmail(dot)com

Please share this around as I know I don’t have too many followers. I really appreciate this and hope some folks decide to jump in.

Love you lots,

The Posh Panda


doodles, background color experiments, pose tests

my realism practice… i need to work on this more.. *flops around*… tomorrow.

my realism practice… i need to work on this more.. *flops around*… tomorrow.

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